Becoming a Celta Tutor (part 2)

If you are reading this, hopefully you have already read Part 1, which was posted last week. That post gathered quite a lot of attention from people who, I imagine, are interested in sitting the course or becoming tutors themselves. Whatever your reason may be, do leave me a comment or question at the end.

So, without further ado, here’s part two.


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Star Wars: The Force Awakens – A conversation lesson

I have recently discovered that one of my one-to-one students is a big Star Wars buff. I had been promising him to have a Star Wars-themed lesson for the past few weeks and the week after Thanksgiving was perfect for it.

Why so, you may ask? It turns out that Thanksgiving weekend in the USA is a big date not only for eating turkey and shopping but also to advertise your blockbuster film. Because of that, new videos and articles were published and those were ideal for the type of lesson I like to teach.

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