1 year, 2 centers, 6 CELTA courses

For my first post this year, rather than doing a retrospective of 2016, I want to look back as my first full year as CELTA tutor and my overall experience.

Like many of the things I have written about the CELTA and DELTA,  this was inspired by something Sandy Millin posted on her blog. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend you doing so.


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Two CELTA Courses, One Month

I had known for a while I’d spend July running one intensive CELTA course, similarly to what I did in January. However, I was later offered to run a second intensive course in July. I was interested, but before accepting I talked to the tutor who trained me and asked if he thought I could manage it. His answer was yes and I accepted the offer. This is how the month went.

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Teacher Development – looking back at 2015

One of the things anyone can do to develop as a teacher is to participate in interesting communities on Facebook or follow people who post articles that are related to teaching. I often check Facebook on my mobile and don’t have enough time to read said articles, but add them to my saved list.

Last weekend I finally had time to check out some of the things I had saved recently and two of those were related to teacher development, which inspired this post. Teresa Carvalho wrote about becoming better at English and Pete from Elt planning wrote about developing as a teacher.

In this article I’m going to look back at 2015 and also look forward to 2016 in terms of my own development.

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Celta impressions – week 1

The first week of the year was also the first week of my first Celta course as a tutor, so I decided to write about my impressions, both from a tutor’s and a candidate’s point of view.

These are going to appear as bullet points, as there isn’t an underlying theme that connects all of them. This is a departure from my previous posts about the Celta, but it should make it relevant to a larger number of people.

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